Webhooks for product recipes and outsourced purchase orders

Even more webhooks to make life easier. You can now use webhooks to track changes to product recipes or any events connected to outsourced purchase orders (OPO).

Product recipe webhooks are useful for integrations that sync product recipe data between Katana and other systems.
For example:

  • Sending notifications if product recipes are created, updated or deleted
  • Syncing BOMs between Katana and e-commerce software
  • Sending updated recipes to MES

These are new product recipe webhooks::

  • product_recipe_row.created
  • product_recipe_row.updated
  • product_recipe_row.deleted

OPO webhooks make it possible to create triggers for any real-time purchase order integrations. For example:

  • Sending OPOs to a vendor, RFQ platform, or logistics provider and reporting back upon item receivement
  • Sending a notification if
    • The OPO expected arrival date changed
    • Something has been received (partially or fully) to the warehouse

Here are the available OPO webhooks:

  • outsourced_purchase_order.created
  • outsourced_purchase_order.updated
  • outsourced_purchase_order.deleted
  • outsourced_purchase_order.received
  • outsourced_purchase_order_row.created
  • outsourced_purchase_order_row.updated
  • outsourced_purchase_order_row.deleted
  • outsourced_purchase_order_row.received
  • outsourced_purchase_order_recipe_row.created
  • outsourced_purchase_order_recipe_row.updated
  • outsourced_purchase_order_recipe_row.deleted