You can now access purchase order data via Katana API

Following our latest API update, you can now access your purchase order (PO) data. This means you can set up new workflows and integrations based on the automatically sending and importing POs, such as between Katana and your vendors or suppliers.

You could also build standard accounting app integrations, similar to Katana’s Xero and QuickBooks Online integrations, for sending sales and purchase orders. On top of that, if you are using accounting apps for purchasing workflows, this update will support automatic imports of POs to Katana.

You can also use Katana API to build custom integrations with other third-party apps. For example, if you use a warehouse operation management tool with barcode scanning for receiving items, a custom workflow would automatically update received POs in Katana.

In short, this update brings the following endpoints:

  • Purchase orders
    • List all purchase orders
    • Retrieve a purchase order
    • Create a purchase order
    • Update a purchase order
    • Delete a purchase order
    • Receive a purchase order
  • Purchase order rows
    • Create a purchase order row
    • Update a purchase order row
    • Delete a purchase order row