Introducing workflows for contract manufacturing

Manufacturers today often use a blend of in-house and contract manufacturing to maximize efficiency and keep costs low. To support these modern workflows, Katana now comes with more functionalities for outsourced purchase orders that give you the visibility you need when working with contractors. Learn more about contract manufacturing in Katana.

With this update, we've introduced new fields when working with /purchase_orders endpoints:

  • entity_type - Either "regular" or "outsourced", depending on the purchase order type.
  • ingredient_availability - Status of the ingredients required to produce products on an outsourced purchase order. Possible values are "PROCESSED", "IN_STOCK", "NOT_AVAILABLE", "EXPECTED", "NO_RECIPE", "NOT_APPLICABLE". Only applicable when entity_type is outsourced.
  • ingredient_expected_date - The latest date of a manufacturing order production deadline or a purchasing order expected arrival date that relates to the required ingredient. Only applicable when entity_type is outsourced.