Inventory movement endpoint and inventory webhooks

Today, we’re unveiling new webhooks for inventory that will enable you to:

  • Sync inventory levels from Katana to an e-commerce or marketplace platform, CRM, and more
  • Send notifications if a product or material is out of stock

You can add webhooks by either heading to the Settings screen in Katana and selecting API from the left-side menu or by simply using the webhooks endpoint.

Here are the newly added events:

  • current_inventory.product_updated
  • current_inventory.material_updated
  • current_inventory.product_out_of_stock
  • current_inventory.material_out_of_stock

On top of the webhooks, we also added a new endpoint that allows you to gather information about all inventory movements in one convenient place for a more accessible analysis and overview.

Take a look at our guide to find detailed information on creating Katana webhooks.