Manage shipping data with addresses and tracking information

Katana users can now manage shipping orders by adding addresses and order tracking information to sales order data. This update also enables building connections with shipping solutions for automated workflows.

With this latest update, we've made several new fields available via API:

  • Customers are extended with first_name, last_name, company, default_billing_id, default_shipping_id and addresses.
  • Sales orders have tracking_number and tracking_number_url for storing shipment info.
  • Sales orders include an array of addresses used to store the details of both shipping and billing addresses. billing_address_id and shipping_address_id help you work with the addresses.
  • Sales order addresses can be created, updated, and deleted via the new /sales_order_addresses endpoint.

Read more from our product update article or head over to the customer and sales order resources in API specs to see how they work in the API.