Webhooks for Purchase orders

Webhooks offer an easy way to receive real-time notifications regarding any changes to your data. Particularly useful if you're running an app that needs real-time information from Katana.


Added missing update and delete endpoints

With this iteration, we are bringing missing functionality for resources that already exist in API. We are adding update and delete functionality to several endpoints related to master data management:


Access product operations

Good news for anyone with custom or highly customizable products - using the Katana API, you can now easily create workflows using our newly added product operation endpoint. The Katana API now offers:


Full access to manufacturing orders

Previously, it was possible to query manufacturing orders, operations, and recipes, but with this latest API update, Katana users now have additional functionality to manufacturing orders, MO recipes, and operations.


New endpoints for Stocktaking

With the recently released Katana stocktake feature, it's now easier to count stock levels and track inventory. The Stocktake feature allows you to calculate your current stock levels so you can make any necessary adjustments in Katana.


Access complete product recipe (BOM) functionality

For those of you with custom or highly customizable products, we have some good news. Through the Katana API you can now easily create workflows using our newly added functionality to the product recipes (BOMs) endpoint. The Katana API now offers:


Added deleted data query parameters and attributes

We've upgraded our existing endpoints to allow access to soft deleted data.


Query manufacturing orders, operations and recipes

We've released the first iteration in regards to enabling support for manufacturing orders. Manufacturing order data is split into three parts - manufacturing order details, manufacturing order recipes, and manufacturing order operations. The following endpoints are now available:


You can now access purchase order data via Katana API

Following our latest API update, you can now access your purchase order (PO) data. This means you can set up new workflows and integrations based on the automatically sending and importing POs, such as between Katana and your vendors or suppliers.


Full access to stock transfers and adjustments

Manually updating changes to the stock levels in your warehouse or between multiple stock locations is a thing of the past. With our latest API update, you have full access to stock adjustments and stock transfers to create more complex workflows. Automate stock transfers and stock adjustments between Katana and various integrations, including: