Sales order values in both local and base currencies

With the introduction of multicurrency support, sales order prices can support multiple currencies. We added additional fields to simplify calculations with values in different currencies:


Multi-currency support for sales orders and customers

After Katana's latest update, you now retrieve all the accurate sales data you need with multicurrency conversion support for your sales channels.


Barcodes for product/material variants and batch stock

With the introduction of barcode scanning to Katana, we've also updated the API. Barcodes are the fastest and most reliable way to track inventory movements and automate the flow of information from sales to shop floor. Product and material variants can now be created and listed using the following additional fields:


Listing materials now available

Katana API has a new resource available - materials. It's currently only possible to receive the materials list, but the creation, update, and deletion of materials are on the roadmap to come out later. With this update, we also added a material_id field to variants. Variants are mapped to either a product or a material, depending on the type.


Added availability related fields to sales orders

Sales orders received improvement with new fields to give a better overview of inventory and production status:


Support filtering on created_at and updated_at

All collections besides inventory and batch stock have received new parameters that support filtering based on creation or update time: