All publicly released versions of Katana API will never change in a way that could impact an existing integration.

Whenever Katana makes an API change, a new version of the API is released, which clients can choose whether or not to upgrade their integration to.

We have 2 types of releases: minor and major.

Minor releases

Minor releases are characterized by adding decimal points to a whole number. For example - v1.0 to v1.1

These releases contain only backward-compatible changes, i.e. additive changes. It's safe for clients to move from one minor version to another unless the additive changes aren't backward-compatible to their build.

Major releases

A major release is displayed via a whole number change. For example - v1.1 to v2.0

Major releases contain backward-incompatible updates. Any client will most likely need to update their integration to move to a major release version.

Backwards compatibility

The following changes are considered backward-compatible and non-breaking:

  • adding new API endpoints
  • adding new properties to the responses from existing API endpoints
  • adding optional request parameters to existing API endpoints
  • altering the message attributes returned by validation failures or other errors