The purchase order row object

idUnique identifier for the object.
quantityThe quantity of items for the order line.
variant_idID of product or material variant added to the order line.
tax_rate_idID of tax added to price per unit.
group_idID of a group of purchase order rows linked by partial deliveries within a single order. Useful for tracking and managing items received in groups under the same purchase order.
price_per_unitThe purchase price of one unit (excluding taxes) in purchase order currency.
purchase_uomThe unit used to measure the quantity of the items (e.g. pcs, kg, m) you purchase. It can be different from the unit used to track stock.
purchase_uom_conversion_rateThe conversion rate between the purchase and stock tracking UoMs.
batch_transactionsAn array of batch transactions and their quantities. You can receive stock for the same item in multiple batches.
batch_transaction.batch_idID of the batch for the received item.
batch_transactions.quantityThe quantity received in a particular batch.
totalThe total value of the purchase order row (excluding taxes) in purchase order currency.
total_in_base_currencyThe total value of the purchase order row (excluding taxes) in base currency.
conversion_rateCurrency rate used to convert from purchase order currency into factory base currency.
conversion_dateThe date of the conversion rate used.
received_dateThe date when the items on the purchase order row were received to your stock.
created_atThe timestamp when the purchase order row was created.
updated_atThe timestamp when the purchase order row was last updated.