The manufacturing order recipe row object

idUnique identifier for the object.
manufacturing_order_idThe ID of the manufacturing order the recipe row belongs to.
variant_idThe ID of product or material variant required for producing the manufacturing order.
notesA string attached to the object to add any internal comments.
planned_quantity_per_unitThe planned quantity to manufacture one unit of the product.
total_actual_quantityThe total actual quantity of the ingredients used.
ingredient_availabilityThe stock status of the required material or subassembly. Possible values are "PROCESSED", "IN_STOCK", "NOT_AVAILABLE", "EXPECTED", "NO_RECIPE", "NOT_APPLICABLE".
ingredient_expected_dateThe latest date of a manufacturing order production deadline or a purchasing order expected arrival date that relates to the required ingredient.
batch_transactionsAn array of batch transactions and their quantities. You can use the stock for the same item from multiple batches.
batch_transaction.batch_idThe ID of the batch for the required ingredient.
batch_transactions.quantityThe quantity used from a particular batch.
costThe cost of ingredients to make the product. For open MOs, the cost calculation is shown based on the planned quantity of ingredients but is recalculated at MO completion if the actual quantity of ingredients consumed is different from the planned.
created_atThe timestamp when the manufacturing order recipe row was created.
updated_atThe timestamp when the manufacturing order recipe row was last updated.
deleted_atThe timestamp when the manufacturing order recipe row was deleted.