The sales order fulfillment object

idUnique identifier for the sales order fulfillment object.
sales_order_idThe ID of the sales order related to the fulfillment.
picked_dateThe timestamp when the sales order fulfillment status was initially marked as "PACKED" or "DELIVERED". ISO 8601 format with time and timezone must be used.
statusStatus of the sales order fulfillment. Possible values are “PACKED” and “DELIVERED”.
conversion_rateCurrency rate used to convert from sales order currency into factory base currency.
conversion_dateThe date of the conversion rate used.
tracking_numberThe shipment tracking number received from the carrier.
tracking_urlThe link to online tracking data about the shipment.
tracking_carrierThe carrier used for shipping and tracking.
tracking_methodThe shipping method used.
sales_order_fulfillment_rowsAn array of sales order fulfillment rows.
sales_order_fulfillment_rows.sales_order_row_idThe ID of the sales order row that is fulfilled.
sales_order_fulfillment_rows.quantityThe quantity of items fulfilled.
sales_order_fulfillment_rows.batch_transactionsAn array of batch transactions and their quantities. You can fulfill the item on the order from multiple batches.
batch_transactions.batch_idThe ID of the batch for the fulfilled item.
batch_transactions.quantityThe quantity fulfilled from a particular batch.
serial_numbersAn array of serial number IDs. You can fulfill the item on the order with multiple serial numbers.
packer_idId of the packer who packed this sales order. It is only shown if the factory has "Warehouse Managment System" add-on and WMS feature has been enabled in the settings.
created_atThe timestamp when the fulfillment was created.
updated_atThe timestamp when the fulfillment was last updated.