The inventory object

variant_idID of product or material variant tracked in inventory.
location_idID of the location of the inventory.
reorder_pointThe level of inventory for a product or material that indicates a need to replenish that particular item's stock.
average_costCurrent average unit cost of the item in stock (= value_in_stock / quantity_in_stock). Katana applies average cost methodology for stock costing.
value_in_stockThe total value of items you have in stock. This is the sum of purchasing price for materials and manufacturing cost for products (not the sum of sales price). Does not include expected stock.
quantity_in_stockThe quantity of stock you currently have on hand. Updated automatically based on sales orders, manufacturing orders, purchase orders, and stock adjustments.
quantity_committedThe quantity of stock that is required by open sales and manufacturing orders. Products are committed to open sales orders or as subassemblies to open manufacturing orders. Materials are committed to both open sales and manufacturing orders.
quantity_expectedAmount of stock that is expected to arrive in the stock. Products are expected from open manufacturing orders and materials from open purchase orders.
quantity_missing_or_excessIndicates whether your stock level is above or below an optimal level (= quantity_in_stock - quantity_commited + quantity_expected - reorder_point). Negative values indicate a need to buy more materials or make more products.