The stocktake row object

idUnique identifier for the object.
variant_idThe ID of product or material variant being counted.
batch_idThe ID of the batch for the counted variant. Batch ID is a required field when counting batch trackable items.
stocktake_idThe ID of the stocktake to which the order belongs.
notesA string attached to the object to add any internal comments.
in_stock_quantityQuantity in stock for that item. Quantity in stock is saved at the moment when the stocktake status is set to "IN_PROGRESS".
counted_quantityQuantity of items found in the stock.
discrepancy_quantityThe discrepancy between the quantity in stock and counted quantity. The discrepancy is the quantity used when creating a stock adjustment.
created_atThe timestamp when the stocktake row was created.
updated_atThe timestamp when the stocktake row was last updated.
deleted_atThe timestamp when the stocktake row was deleted.