The material object

idUnique identifier for the object.
nameThe material’s unique name.
uomThe unit used to measure the quantity of the material (e.g. pcs, kg, m). This unit is also used for the item on orders and product recipes.
category_nameA string used to group similar items for better organization and analysis.
default_supplier_idThe supplier added to a purchase order automatically when the related material is added to the order.
typeIndicating the item type. Material objects are of type "material".
additional_infoA string attached to the object to add any internal comments, links to external files, additional instructions, etc.
purchase_uomIf you are purchasing in a different unit of measure than the default unit of measure (used for tracking stock) for this item, you can define the purchase unit. Value null indicates that purchasing is done in same unit of measure. If value is not null, purchase_uom_conversion_rate must also be populated.
purchase_uom_conversion_rateThe conversion rate between the purchase and material UoMs. If used, material must have a purchase_uom that is different from uom.
batch_trackedBatch tracking enables you to assign batch numbers and expiration dates to manufactured items.
variantsAn array of material variant objects.
created_atThe timestamp when the material was created.
updated_atThe timestamp when the material was last updated.
configsAn array of material variant configurations.

The material config object

idUnique identifier for the object.
nameName of the variant option (e.g. color, size).
valuesAn array of values for a variant option. (e.g. blue, green, red).